(724) 416-7119

​You are about to eat the best quality burgher you have ever tasted! We use a proprietary blend of brisket, prime meat and short ribs, ground fresh daily, to make this burgher second-to-none. No steroids. No antibiotics. All natural and fresh. Same goes for our chicken. (We even have the letter to prove it!) We buy fresh and local whenever possible, and put together a great little place for you to call your own. Our food is fresh and never ever frozen. How do you know? We don’t even own a freezer. NOT ONE!

We take our burghers seriously. They gotta be perfect because our customers are more than worth it.

If you love our burghers, tell your friends. If you don’t, tell one of us because we promise to make it right.

Bubba’s Burghers at Printscape Arena also offers a full catering menu for private events.

For Hours of Operation please contact Bubba’s at 412-416-7119